Ir WONG Chi-pan, Ricky

Head of Civil Engineering Office
Civil Engineering and Development Department, The HKSAR Government


Ir WONG is a civil engineer by profession. He has over 30 years’ experience of both design and practical experience in various engineering aspects including civil, coastal and building engineering in Hong Kong, including project management, feasibility study, design and construction supervision of urban development, site formation, environmental protection, drainage, sewerage, roads and historic buildings revitalization.

Ir WONG assumed the position of Chief Engineer/Port Works in 2017 to look after the construction and maintenance of port facilities; and technical studies of several reclamation projects. He was also involved in research and development to enhance the standards of marine structures design and maintenance; and their resilience under the effects of climate change. Ir Wong was the Deputy Head of the Civil Engineering Office (Port and Land) of the Civil Engineering and Development Department in June 2018 and is now the Head of the Civil Engineering Office (CEO), Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD).

CEO is one of the seven constituent offices of CEDD. CEO is headed by the Head of Civil Engineering Office, who is assisted by three Deputy Heads managing the Port and Land Branch, Project & Environmental Management Branch and Housing and the Technical Secretariat Unit. CEO handles about 204 civil engineering projects in different categories in the Public Works Programme. The Printed Estimates in the financial year 2022/23 for CEO projects amounts to about $1,704M. In addition, the current annual budget for recurrent expenditure for maintenance works is about $94M (for marine facilities) and $860M (for public fill facilities).

Ricky Wong