Dr. Chao REN

Associate Professor
Division of Landscape Architecture, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Chao REN is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. She specializes in applied climatology and climate design, who uses GIS, and spatial modelling methods and remote sensing techniques to study urban environmental performance and develop climate response design strategies and guidelines. Chao’s publication focuses ranging from examining the relationship between urban climate and urban morphological characteristics, developing an urban climatic mapping system and a wind corridor plan, to analysing human thermal comfort and public health risk for subtropical high-density cities. Her studies on urban environment and urban climate have led to a number of practical research and government consulting projects in China, Taiwan, The Netherlands and France since 2006.

Chao serves as an Associate Editor for Urban Climate and an Editorial Advisor for Cities & Health and Advances in Climate Change Research, and is a member of urban expert team of the World Meteorology Organization. She is a contribution author of the WGII of the IPCC AR6. She was elected as a Board Member of the International Association for Urban Climate (2017-2021). She is the recipient of the first year, 2020 IAUC Timothy Oke Award for early- & mid-career scientists.

Chao Ren