CHAN Pak Wai, JP

Assistant Director 
The Hong Kong Observatory (Forecasting and Warning Services)


Mr. P.W. Chan is an Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory responsible for weather forecasting and warning services for the public. Before that position, Mr. Chan has been working at the Hong Kong International Airport for over 20 years, with research and operational efforts in airport meteorological instrumentation, low level windshear and turbulence alerting, and high resolution numerical weather prediction. He is the developer of the world-first LIDAR windshear alerting system and the Hong Kong’s weather buoys for the airport. He also leads the development of high resolution numerical weather prediction model for the airport in Hong Kong, and the developer of dropsonde measurement system for northern part of the South China Sea in collaboration with the Government Flying Service. He is a visiting professor of a number of universities in mainland China and an adjunct associate professor of the University of Hong Kong. He is a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and a Chartered Meteorologist. He is the editorial board member of Scientific Reports of Spring Nature, Atmosphere and Meteorology of MDPI. He has published more than 300 papers in SCI journals, with a significant portion of the papers focusing on the applications at the airport. The citation is over 3000 in Web of Science and 5000 in Google Scholar. He is a vice chair of the Expert Team of Upper Air Measurement at World Meteorological Organization and a chair of the meteorology subgroup of International Civil Aviation Organization in Asian region.

PW Chan