Prof. Petteri TAALAS

Professor Secretary-General
World Meteorological Organization


Professor Petteri Taalas has been the Secretary-General of WMO since 1 January 2016. He was appointed by the World Meteorological Congress in 2015 for a first four-year term. He is now serving his second four-year term (Jan 2020-Dec 2023). Before joining WMO, Prof. Taalas was Director General of Finnish Meteorological Institute (2007–2015 and 2002–2005), Director of WMO Development and Regional Activities Department (2005–2007), Research professor on remote sensing (2000–2002), Head of research, Scientist (1986-1999), and the leader of ozone research unit. Prof. Taalas is an author of ~50 peer-reviewed papers on satellite technology, global change, climate & atmospheric chemistry, and dozens of other publications & presentations.