General Manager - Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales
The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited


Ir Don H.K. Cheng is a Chartered Gas Engineer in energy discipline and a Fellow of the Energy Institute. He has obtained his undergraduate degrees in Engineering Chemistry and Statistics plus a master degree in Mathematical Statistics from Canadian universities. He has over 20 years of experience in gas engineering, customer services, product development, marketing and sales in both Hong Kong and mainland China. He is currently the General Manager – Commercial & Industrial Marketing & Sales of The Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd., in charge of commercial and industrial market and applications in Hong Kong. Over the years, he has implemented various engineering projects including the combined heat & power system with landfill gas, gas absorption district cooling system in theme parks, gas incinerator system in crematoriums and dehumidification applications in hospitals & hotels. Some of these projects are being honored by awards from both local and international institutions including Energy Project of the Year – Pacific Rim” from USA Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and “Hong Kong Green Innovation Awards” from HKSAR Environmental Protection Department for the CHP Project at Tai Po Nethersole Hospital.

The Integrated PAU with Desiccant Wheel for the new commercial building, H Zentre, has won the “2021-22 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Award” and the “2021 International Innovative Energy Project of the Year” from the AEE.

Recently, he is actively involved in new energy utilizations including hydrogen supply and fuel cell applications in Hong Kong.

Don Cheng